Village of McCook
   5000 GLENCOE AVENUE  MC COOK, IL 60525    PHONE: 708-447-9030    FAX: 708-447-2584    HOURS: MON-FRI 8AM-4PM 

The Village of McCook was named after John J. McCook, a director of the Santa Fe Railroad and a American Civil War Officer. McCook incorporated in 1926.

Over the years, Mayor Jeffrey Tobolski and the Village Board have worked to develop a great community. Village events are enjoyed by both residents and employees.

The Administration Department is accessible to the residents and businesses. Mayor Jeffrey Tobolski and Village Deputy Clerk Renee Botica are available to answer any questions.

Building Inspector Terry Hickey is also available to provide information to village residents and businesses.

The Police Department  is headed by Chief Mario DePasquale and Deputy Chief Philip Pilch.

The Fire Department is headed by Fire Chief Joseph Myrick.

The Water Department provides water to residents, businesses and neighboring communities. Commissioner Richard Paeth oversees the operation. Contact him at 708-447-2776.

Steven Perrin is the Superintendent of the Department of Public Works. The DPW provides many services for the residents. They maintain streets, parkways and snow removal. You can contact Steve at 708-447-2776.

Please call 708-447-9030 for any information you are
unable to access.

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